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Mia Badham

Booth Number: 349

2D/3D Mixed Media
Birmingham, AL

The body is a vessel that contains remnants of an individual existence. The moments that shape or scarred you leave behind evidence. Details slip away, but their impact remains undeniable.

In my work I contemplate the markings that our lives leave behind. At first I considered physical evidence, a wrinkle or a scar. Skin provides evidence of old memories and forgotten pain. I think of it as a site that could be excavated to unearth the stories beneath. Some events don’t leave a visible reminder. I give a voice to the traces left behind by emotional trials such as a bad habit or a broken heart.

There are some imprints that cannot be simply wiped away. I investigate the complex layering of memory and how the different elements collage together over time. Every new experience is tainted by what came before. A feeling can linger, seemingly invisible, until some trigger brings it to light. I am interested in the connections between past memories and present realities. Seemingly random interactions can overlap and reveal something unexpected.