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Michelle McDowell Smith

Booth Number: 344

2D Mixed Media
St. John’s , FL

Artist Bio
Michelle attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) graduating in 1997 with a major in illustration and a minor in art history. Her current body of work, titled “of land and sky, whimsical and free”, began in 2013 and focuses on storytelling, nostalgia, and a hope for the future. Her original pieces are done on canvas using acrylic paint, and a multitude of materials such as: book pages, maps, sheet music, old letters, hand crafted papers, sewing patterns, and more. Her process involves collaging various materials onto the canvas and then working into them with acrylic paint to add color, create depth, and to blend them seamlessly together. Not an inch of the painting is spared from her paint brush.