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Tena Payne

Booth Number: 384

Leeds, AL

Artist Bio
Tena Payne, ceramic artist since the mid 70s, began collaborating with Chef Chris Hastings to design and create plating for his now-famous Hot & Hot Fish Club in 1997, soon after his arrival in Birmingham. After literally years of trials, the product as it is today emerged and Earthborn Studios began offering design & creation services for chefs nation-wide.

Martin Heierling, the executive chef at The Bellagio Resort & Casino was the first to agree with Chris and commissioned Tena to create a new line for Bellagio banquets, and comprehensive plating for Sensi, newly opened in the Spa Tower in 2004. Many years and commissions later, Tena created a special line for the February 2012 Iron Chef competition in which Chris Hastings defeated Bobby Flay on creativity and plating. She continues to provide plating for several MGM properties. 

Distinctively organic, Earthborn pottery is not only restaurant sturdy, but beautiful in its own right, demonstrating randomness under control, each piece a unique work of art, elevating even the most mundane fares to the extraordinary. The product has been tested for quality and safety. The clay is durable and the abrasive-resistant glazes are dishwasher safe. The pottery can be used in the microwave, and oven when preheated under hot tap water.