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Edina Shrestha

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Vestavia Hills,

Artist Statement
After receiving a bachelor degree in fine arts in interior design from George Washington University, I have worked most reputed firms in Washington D.C which I have gained accessible knowledge by specializing increasingly in the management of complex multi-cultural projects and their staffs at international levels. I always had a creative side while growing up, that was nurtured by my Dad. After I quit working and became a mommy myself, I found the urge to use that creativity rising more and more often. But, I also found myself feeling self-conscience under the watchful eyes of those that had always known me. So, an unexpected move allowed me to reinvent myself without that fear. Now I find myself in the South with a new life.

Handweave Décor’s jewelry line was created with the idea of making “one-of-a-kind” pieces for women that strive to express their own personal style. I started with vintage and antique pieces that are all connected with Nepal’s history and culture (the country where I grew up). The vintage pieces are then mixed with natural stones and beads which are all collected from Nepal to create “new,” stand-out jewelry. Every handmade piece has their own history and story to tell.