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Hanan Ingle & Matt Robinson

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Artist Bio

We create unique pieces of wearable art by setting ancient coins into handmade sterling silver and gold jewelry. We use bronze and silver coins from ancient Greek and Roman periods and set them into jewelry to craft a distinctive piece of wearable art that is also an artifact from the ancient world.  Our jewelry designs are inspired by the coins and have a Mediterranean flare. All the jewelry is handmade from sterling silver and/or 14 KT gold and some pieces are ornamented with semiprecious stones. We use a variety of Roman, Greek and Jewish coins found in archaeological excavations in different parts of the world.  The authenticity of each coin is verified before setting and a certificate is included with each piece.  The jewelry is designed and crafted in the Erez Inc studio in Berkeley, California.  We utilize fabrication and soldering techniques and wax method is used only to make small pieces that are needed in bulk such as chain links and clasps.  When you select a piece from our exclusive collection you are choosing art that reflects a classic age of beauty and timelessness.