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Vaughn Millner

Booth Number: 208

Bay Minette, FL

Artist Bio
Vaughn Millner is an Alabama jewelry artist who also teaches silversmithing classes. As a self-taught silversmith, she has also trained with master jewelers and has gained the technical skills needed to create jewelry that reflects her designs. She seeks to create contemporary pieces using ancient techniques, thus making wearable art jewelry that transcends time and place.

After designing, Vaughn creates pieces by sawing and patterning the metal, then uses an acetylene torch to solder. Pieces are fired to about 1400° multiple times throughout the fabrication process, and then finally polished with museum wax. Working primarily with sterling, fine silver, and bronze, her palette is inspired by nature, and semi-precious stones/gems.

Vaughn Millner creates artisan jewelry by hand in her studio on the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. Inspired by the organic and textural elements of nature, she creates the designs and then fabricates the pieces using a variety of time-honored metalsmithing techniques including forging, etching, enameling, granulation, and keum-boo, a technique that involves the fusing of gold to silver. Her work is abstract, allowing each wearer to interpret the piece.