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Anna Lyle

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Birmingham, AL
FB: annalyleart
IG: @annalyleart

My current body of work’s purpose is to communicate the idea and the myriad of emotions that come with being and/or feeling like one does not belong in the environment. From my own experiences (past and present), I find ways to celebrate those concepts by creating a new environment specially made for people who feel a little out of place. Although I am still pushing forward in this exploration, I have found that my current work speaks to that while allowing room for the viewer to create meaningful concepts based on their individual experiences.

Each painting is created on a pre-finished wood panel (gesso/sanding). I use a combination of acrylic paint, graphite, and mostly oil paint as the main mediums to create my pieces. Once completely dry, each piece is finished with a semi-gloss varnish for paint protection and to enhance the richness of the colors.