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Carolyn Dodson-Grimm

Booth Number: 365

Huntsville, AL

Artist Bio
Although Carolyn learned to paint at a young age, she gradually moved toward abstract impressionism when she matured, because “it was so exciting!” She particularly was drawn to the works of Diebenkorn, De Kooning, Joan Mitchell and Henrietta Berk. Carolyn paints large & mid-size canvases with acrylics that are done with bristle and/or rubber brushes, palette knives and sometimes even her fingers to achieve the unique effects of the images she wishes to express. She hails from Philadelphia but has found greener pastures by moving west and south. Though her training spreads from New York to Panama, Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee, she has settled in Huntsville Alabama with her husband.

Carolyn paints from her studio at Lowe Mill Art Center and teaches abstract expressionism art at the Huntsville Museum of Art.