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Jon Osborne

Booth Number: 454

Birmingham, AL

Artist Bio
Jon Osborne is a self-taught Birmingham, Alabama based abstract artist who works mainly in acrylics. He holds an Associate’s degree in Graphic Communications and has recently started creating art full time, which has been his passion since childhood.

A principal theme in Jon’s work is the inter-connectivity of all beings. He is also concerned with issues surrounding the fundamentals of human communication and understanding and expresses these elements through his art. Jon finds combining the challenging mediums of acrylic and spray paint perfectly illustrates the groundless yet fundamental clarity, intrinsic adequacy of existence and experience.

Previously, Jon’s style of work has been described as ‘bold’ and ‘ intriguing’. However, he is currently working on a more in-depth style by using words, symbolism and thought-provoking inspirations to tell stories and he looks forward to where this new direction will take him.