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Mara Jambor

Booth Number: 347

Hoover, AL

Artist Statement
Art is beauty but it is also communication. It’s sharing what you see or feel in a form that others can understand and appreciate. It’s sharing the colors the artist sees in the shadows and communicating the shapes that emerge from the light. The cave men in France and the rock artists in Norway drew to leave a record of what existed in their world. It’s in human nature to be social and to share with those around you; and it’s also important to leave some evidence of your existence – to communicate to those who come after you that you walked this earth and that you found beauty! We all have an urge to create something – whether its painting a work of art, cooking a meal, building something with our hands, or composing a song – it’s in our nature to create.

I don’t have a gift with words, so I as Edward Hopper says, “If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” I use palette knives or brushes to paint in oils and acrylics, at times using mixed media. I will say simply that I love color, light and shadow. In my paintings I strive to use free brush strokes or wield a palette knife to create an impression of something that moves me. I want my paintings to appeal not only to one’s eye, but also to one’s heart. I hope that what I have painted communicates to you – speaks to you and perhaps touches your soul.