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Matthew Mayes

Booth Number: 211

Birmingham, AL

Artist Bio
Born in Florence, AL, Matthew Mayes is a self taught artist with over 15 years experience as a professional. He currently resides in Birmingham, AL with his partner Brian and their son Noah.

Matthew began painting as a child after watching the “Joy Of Painting” with Bob Ross. He had experienced a number of stints with hospitalization and home schooling due to illness and needed an outlet for his creativity. Art was his answer and savior. Creates unique medium/heavy bodied textural works using 100% acrylics to resemble various elements in nature.

Matthew states, “Once, I believed that love, food, and music were the core passions that transcended all race, creed, and color. Now, I know that art encompasses all. My works are studies in color perception, definition, and composition. I see color as neutral, primary, and secondary.”