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Steven Ward

Booth Number: 330

St Augustine, FL

Artist Bio
I graduated from the University of Illinois in 1980 where I received most of my formal art training. I am the son of an architect and was exposed to drawing and the visual arts all of my life. My primary influences in my own work have been the modernistic and pop art of the 1950’s-60’s and the impressionistic work from Europe. Color and geometry are the driving elements of my work. The subject matter itself is not that important to me as long as it provides an interesting play of colors and shapes. I find something of interest to paint no matter where I go as the diversity in my subjects demonstrates. I have traveled extensively in the US and have been to Europe several times. I am originally from central Illinois with its sea of corn and soybeans fields dotted by farms and small towns. I have lived and worked in Chicago, Colorado, California and Florida, which have all appeared in my paintings. I currently paint in a studio in St Augustine FL where I live for much of the year. I hope you enjoy my art. I try to communicate some beauty, enjoyment or both with all of my paintings