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Brittany Carol Moore

Booth Number: 238

Hoover, AL

Artist Bio
The two-fold goal of my work is to encourage viewers to dream and create stories about what they see, and to make ordinary subject matter appear full of wonder and mystery.  I aim for surrealism and strive for my images to be whimsical, dreamy, ethereal, and sometimes nonsensical—an escape from reality and the restraints of the real world.

From 2006-2010 I attended college at The University of Alabama and attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art/Photography.  As a focal endeavor throughout my photography courses, I chose to concentrate on the in-camera multiple exposure technique.  This technique can create very dream-like images, and thus, most of what I was producing possessed a surreal quality.  This, along with learning about surrealist artists and their work in my art history classes, is how my love for surrealism came about.

I currently reside in Vestavia, Alabama with my husband.  In March 2011, I created a company for my photography- Reverie Images, LLC.  I do freelance photography for portraits and events, and have sold my work in a number of juried art shows- including last year’s Bluff Park Art Show, in which I will be participating again this October.  My photographs have been published in various publications and have appeared in numerous juried exhibits.