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Chad Moore

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Vestavia, AL

Artist Bio
Chad Moore is a self taught photographer living in Birmingham, AL.  His photography typically focuses on household items or toys that have escaped from the house and are wandering downtown Birmingham or the ‘burbs of Vestavia Hills.  His approach to his photography (and life) is to find humor and whimsy in even the most mundane subject matter.  Chad’s artwork has been featured in an exhibit at The Wiregrass Museum of Art in Dothan, AL and is on display at Naked Art in Birmingham, AL.

His favorite desert is Tiramisu. Most of my inspiration comes from my children. To them, a pinked stuffed bunny rabbit isn’t some inanimate object, but – rather – he is Mr. FuzzyWinkle and he owns a shoe store. He’s married to the stuffed turtle, named Mrs. CrackerCandy, and they have three small children together, as represented by the three stacks of various colored Lego blocks.

Most of my subject matter also comes from my children, as I use their toys in most of my images. And, I try to approach whatever it is I’m shooting in the same spirit as my children might. Why is this bear sitting at a bus stop? Where is he going? Why doesn’t he have a jar of honey with him? Did someone steal his jar of honey? Does he even have bus fare? Was this bear mugged?

All of my images are shot with my trusty Canon, filtered in Photoshop, and printed on metallic paper with an archival mat or is infused onto a specially coated aluminum sheet.