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Chris Carr

Booth Number: 208

Orlando, FL

Artist Bio

Chris Carr was born in North Carolina but has lived in Orlando, FL for the last twenty years. Creating has always been a part of Chris’s life and through many years and many different outlets, but photography captured and kept his attention. He prides himself in always looking at things differently while viewing the world with unique perspective. These traits were the driving force in his Puddle Reflections photo series. The series captures surreal landscapes from nothing more than reflections in puddles. Images which evoke the idea of two worlds, colliding in one image, all brought together from one small view.

Artist Statement

My expectation for this series, is for those who see it, to discover a new genre of photography. My images capture the world from a new perspective. A perspective that many of us never take the time to notice, one right below our feet. My photographs are taken in nature, are unedited and are not manipulated. The true beauty is that the images are raw visuals, unchanged, allowing anyone to find the same imagery in the world around them. Upon first glance, the images will elicit a particular felling, time, or place; only to draw the viewer in further, with each tiny detail, realized.