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David Dobbs

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Decatur, Ga


Artist Statement

I was born in 1952 in Oakridge, TN and raised in Birmingham, AL, studied photography in Los Angeles, CA and have worked as a commercial photographer based in Atlanta for over thirty years.

My vision speaks to the beauty and power of the world we live. My images communicate the elements in motion which affect the subject. Some techniques are intentional camera movement, multiple exposure and long exposure blurs. I am influenced by the essence of the subject and the elements that interact. I look for the vitality of how the subject interacts with the environment.

I channel my creative imagination with the three tools in every camera: (1) Exposure which controls control the subject relative size in the frame. (2) Focus which controls the sharpness, , (3) The depth of field which isolates the subject from the background and foreground. In other words, light, shadow, motion, and perspective are controlled to produce the desired effect.

I have dedicated myself to composing unique images. I would hope the image I present can resonate with your imagination. I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to make, create, and share my vision with you.