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George Elliot

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Birmingham, AL

Artist Statement:
Photography is a journey of people, places and things…all captured in one special
moment by the photographer’s lens. It’s actually a journey of stories, and, just like a writer always has a pen and notepad with him, my camera goes wherever I do. I am a Birmingham, Alabama based photographer whose
other careers have included being a public relations executive with
BellSouth and the Executive Director of the Nonprofit Resource Center of Alabama.
As one who has always been enchanted by the ocean and the ambiance
of small coastal towns I try to capture the beach time so many of us yearn for.
Water always calls to me, too. Somewhere deep inside me the rhythm
and sounds of water and waves sing a special song for me.

Vibrant colors are also a mainstay in my photographs.
Newspaper photographers taught me much about composition and color.
They also taught me to see the possibility of photographs where
others might not…they developed my photographic eye, so to speak.

I am married with three children, one of whom, Amelia, died in 1995 at age 17.
Often I take photographs of our world for her, because she didn’t have a chance
to see all she should have. I share them because she would want you to see the
beauty around us each day and tell you to take it all in.