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Sara Beck & Craig Roderick

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Jasper, Al

Artist Bio
As a husband and wife collaborative team, we seek to create photographic art that has striking visual impact.  We do so by shooting abandoned, industrial, and urban subjects whenever possible at night or in low light. Many of our images have a linear aspect, drawing the viewer into the image.  While we do some black and white images, most of our work has vivid colors.  Our larger pieces are mounted on acrylic which provides depth and enhances detail.  It is our hope that subject matter, technique and presentation combine to create unique experiences for persons viewing our work.   It is those experiences that are the essence of its meaning and impact.  We hope that people who view and buy our art enjoy the experience each time they see our work, because that is its true value and worth, and by extension, is the truest assessment of our success or failure artistically.