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Jeffery Nelson

Booth Number: 133

New Windsor, NY

Artist Bio
Jeff has been creating marquetry artworks and furnishings since running a frame shop in the Embarcadero section of San Francisco in 1979. He has traveled throughout the country displaying his artwork and craftsmanship. After focusing on pictures for many years, Jeff expanded his work into the mirror and table market, designing and making inlaid border mirrors and matching console tables, with a variety of themes such as Native American, floral, autumn leaves and wildlife.

His visual references are in nature and have been developed from a background discipline in painting and sculpture.

The years of practicing the technique of marquetry in illustration have culminated in the award winning series of murals entitled “Windows to the World”. Each theme reflects an environmental study and coordinated regional architecture harmonized in a visual moment in time.

Current works feature the inclusion of materials such as abalone, mother of pearl, malachite and turquoise which richly enhance the various hardwoods of traditional marquetry.

His work has been featured in various publications, such as “The Art of the Scrollsaw” by bestselling author Patrick Spielman, published by Sterling Publishing Company.

Jeff has won over 300 awards in art shows throughout the country.
Within the past ten years Jeff has taken on several apprentices to keep the tradition in continuum for future generations.