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Jefferson County

2017 Participating Organizations:

Alabama School of Fine Arts – Site 411

The mission of the Alabama School of Fine Arts, a diverse community of explorers, is to nurture impassioned students by guiding and inspiring them to discover and fulfill their individual creative abilities in an atmosphere distinguished by the fusion of fact and feeling, risk and reward, art and science, school and society.

The Alabama School of Fine Arts is a partially residential public school authorized and funded by the Alabama Legislature to provide tuition-free instruction to impassioned students, grades 7-12. The school provides focused specialty instruction in Creative Writing, Dance, Mathematics and Science, Music, Theatre Arts and Visual Arts, plus core academic courses necessary to earn an Alabama high school diploma. The school operates under its own enabling legislation, policies and procedures, guided by a state-appointed Board of Trustees, under who serves a staff of more than 100 full and part- time administrators, teachers and support workers.  Alabama students pay a small semester matriculation fee, but no tuition.  Students from outside Alabama pay tuition, which the school sets annually.  Residential students pay room and board costs, set annually.

ASFA Visual Arts Department:
Vision, the dominant sense, has led us to create images as powerful as the prehistoric cave paintings of Europe and as challenging as the works of Pablo Picasso. With art that communicates and inspires, provokes and educates, artists speak to us with works that are at times direct and obvious, but always as complex and layered as the human experience. ASFA visual arts students engage in advanced studio work in painting, sculpture and drawing, as well as in-depth classes in art history and an expanding curriculum in digital photography. Under the guidance of professional artists and with the exhibition of their artwork, our students discover their own personal aesthetic, their own vision. ASFA celebrates its 39th anniversary this year.

Alys Stephens Center – Site 228

UAB’s Alys Stephens Center is one of the Southeast’s premier performing arts centers, presenting and producing the world’s best artists in music, dance, theater, multimedia and family entertainment. The Center’s mission is to be a place where the entire community experiences and engages the arts.

A’Mano – Site 351

Considered objects for an artful life.

Birmingham Civil Right Institute – Site 356

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI) is a museum, a place of research, a teaching facility and an acknowledged learning center for people of all ages and backgrounds. Since opening in 1992, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute has been visited by more than two million people from all 50 states and around the world. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute’s mission is to promote civil and human rights worldwide through education.

Birmingham Museum of Art – Site 451

With free daily admission, the Birmingham Museum of Art welcomes our entire community to discover the world through art. Representing 5,000 years of global civilization, our collection of more than 27,000 objects showcases Asian, European, American, African, Pre-Columbian, and Native American cultures.

Handmade in Haiti – Site 375

Handmade in Haiti is a sewing boutique of women and men in North East Haiti. The group is headed up by Madame Theona who also teaches young boys and girls the skill of sewing and embroidery.  These are skills that can be used to provide income for their future, making school uniforms, church clothes, wedding clothes, and funeral outfits for the residents of their town. The items on sale at Handmade in Haiti support the work of their boutique and help provide income for the seamstresses and tailors who work there.

King’s Home: Prodigal Pottery – Site 377|

Our Mission: To foster artistic expression in each member of the King’s Home Family by equipping them with skills in the field of pottery and ceramics in a Christ-centered, safe, and therapeutic environment.King’s Home’s Art and Ceramics Program, Prodigal Pottery, has three specific goals. First is to provide an environment for healing through art therapy for abused youth, mothers and kids. Secondly, Prodigal Pottery facilitates community outreach to collaborate with other at-risk or special needs groups around greater Birmingham. Thirdly, Prodigal Pottery provides job and skills training for King’s Home adult residents, and a revenue source to support the program as our line of handmade pottery is sold around the country.”

Redemptive Cycles – @ Park Place Cafe Bike Station

At Redemptive Cycles, our mission is to redeem the streets. We believe getting people on bikes makes Birmingham a more connected, comfortable, and livable city. Bicycles are affordable transportation, which not only fight congestion, parking shortages, and pollution in the city center, but also boost individual health and fitness! Through our non-profit bike shop we sell new and refurbished bicycles at an affordable price, provide professional-quality repairs and maintenance services below market rates, and use a sliding scale for those in need. Through our “Earn-A-Bike” program, those in need can work at the shop, learn how to repair and maintain a bicycle, and leave with a bike of their own.

Theater League – Site 404

Founded in 1976, Theater League is a not-for-profit, civic performing arts organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the communities it serves with the thrill of live! theater. Presenting national Broadway tours in performing arts centers around the country, Theater League provides an important cultural resource to 38,000+ season members and 350,000+ patrons. More information at

WBHM Public Radio 90.3fm – Site 377

WBHM 90.3 FM, a listener-supported service of the UAB, is “Your NPR News Station” and home to the Alabama Radio Reading Service, a resource for the blind and print-impaired. WBHM programming and award-winning regional journalism also can be heard in North Central Alabama on WSGN 91.5 FM through a partnership with Gadsden State Community College.

Young Rembrandts – @ Imagination Festival

Young Rembrandts is a comprehensive enrichment program. Young Rembrandts provides top-quality instructors, materials, and curriculum. We teach drawing, the fundamental skill necessary for all visual arts. Our step-by-step drawing method and top quality curriculum ensure success for every child. Our Pre-School Program is designed for children aged 3 ½ to 5 years old and we offer Elementary Drawing, Cartooning classes and Specialty Camps for children aged 6-12 years old. Young Rembrandts’ classes are fun, engaging and educational. We have year round programming available with new material each season. We deliver a top-quality experience. Children find a safe, comfortable place to talk about art, learn drawing skills and have fun while surrounded by encouragement and creativity.