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You can find this intimate live music stage in the Park Place Café. Take a break from art collecting, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy live music  from local talent.


Friday, April 27
11:30am – Pink Pyramids
12:30pm – Little Girl

Saturday, April 28
11:00am – JQ’s One Man Big Band
12:00pm – Amen Corner
1:00pm – Startle the Heavens
2:00pm – MUAD
3:00pm – The High Fidelics
4:00pm – the Dizzy
5:00pm – Ritual Eyes

Sunday, April 29
11:00am – The Matchcoats
12:00pm – The Bouquets
1:00pm – Future Primitives
2:00pm – The Satin Dogs Duo
3:00pm – OPOV Band

Live Music coordinator: Jess Marie Walker

Amen CornerBirmingham guitar-pop duo Amen Corner is the distillation of brotherhood into sound: energetic, riff-happy, ramshackle indie. Brothers, Alex and Price Mason have been playing together since 2000 and the music is imbued with all that their nearly 20 years of playing has taught them. The two reach deep into their catalog of folky, county, and pop-y tunes from their many and varied projects over the years and  funnel those songs through two guitars so that they all basically sound similar but no less fun. Thats the goal for Amen Corner: to craft something honest and likable, if not a little sloppy so that everyone just has a little fun.

The Bouquets are a group of friends from Birmingham, AL, who play rock and roll music. Their fragrance is mighty and intoxicating. Their presence is vivid and thorny. They sound like the cactus bloom on a February night in the desert. They are beautiful and dangerous, pulsing in the sand.

the Dizzy is a band from Birmingham intent on displaying overt signs of aggressive dance. As a four-piece, they are portable and unleaded, and come prepared for at least an hour of hard-hitting, stilted and singable romantic pop before they heed their own message and drink to be footloose. The group consists of Jordan Rickerson, (vocals), Jacquie Cotillard (piano, vocals), Yancey Hill, (bass guitar, vocals), and James Elliot (drums, vocals). Formed then reformed in early 2016, the Dizzy went about making an impact in the heart of Birmingham at venues like Marty’s PM and the Syndicate Lounge before releasing their first full-length record, Wrapped in Plastic, in November of the same year. The album, released on CD in a eye-catching faux-vinyl-flooring format, caused minor incidents throughout the major Birmingham metro area and has since been adored by freaks and haunted niches as well as the popular kids.


Zach Driggers – Zach is native to the Birmingham area, and grew up in the local DIY music scene, performing in local bands since high school. After touring for a bit he completed an Electrical Engineering degree at UAB and by currently works as software developer. However, Zach is always working on new music for the Birmingham music scene.

Future PrimitivesFormed in 2012, Future Primitives is a six piece from Birmingham, Alabama. Equipped with a revolutionary psychedelic gospel they create music to dissolve the ego and invoke the soul. Their music could be described as raw garage power pop at the core but punk, blues, and psychedelic pop songs help create a “Freak Power Unlimited” sound. In 2013, they released their debut album “Erase The Future and Hope for Now” and in 2015 they will release their follow up “We Jam Apollo”.

The High Fidelics – Have you heard The High Fidelics yet? This “retro fresh” all instrumental band has started the chattering-class chattering and the toe-tappers’ toes tapping. When you’re at a High Fidelics show, you’ll feel like you’re basking on a California beach, hanging out in a no-wave NYC club, and eating grits at a Memphis soul club — all at the same time. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, this group burst into the public eye in October 2010 and has not slowed down yet. They released their first album — a self-engineered, self-produced eponymous blockbuster in 2012, available online at and in CD format at Also check out:

JQ’s One Man Big Band was developed by Jim Quakenbush as a way to play upon and promote his love of Big Band Swing & Jazz Classics. Accompanied by JQ’s Box Band, Jim uses Voice and Horn to pay homage to such artists as Duke, Count, Ella, Frank and, of course, the incomparable Louis Armstrong.

Little Girl is a solo femme/synth pop project by Lindsey Shante fka Helen of Coi based in Birmingham, AL. Sometimes ambient, sometimes dancey, always dreamy. Holding a bachelors in music from the University of North Florida, she blurs genres with her classical/avant-garde past and interest in underground, experimental electronic music. She has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada. She has been featured in Birmingham Magazine’s 2016 music edition, Auntie Bellum southern femme blog, and aired on Spice Radio Huntsville & Birmingham Mountain Radio & FOTW Sydney.

The Matchcoats – “Oh, we move along/In life you learn so many songs,” so starts the first track of “Coming Up” off Birmingham-based acoustic duo, The Matchcoats’ debut EP, Blanket Tricks. Saturated in brilliantly simple lyrical truisms and painted with delicate strokes of bluesy folk-driven melody and harmony, the musical relationship between husband and wife Gabriel and Sarah Akins overflows into the life of anyone who treats themselves to the duo’s experiences in song. In most cases, the Matchcoats put the listener’s well-being ahead of their own in hopes that what was once specific and personal to the songwriters can be expounded upon and ingrained into the fabric of their audience’s day to day living, a relational approach to storytelling that is becoming rare in a culture driven by self-serving art.
“If you’re wondering about the band name, it refers to a garment worn in the 17th and 18th centuries – basically, a blanket fashioned into a coat – that was simple, practical, and effective. Can music cover, protect, and warm the listener in a similar way? The Matchcoats certainly think so.” — Mary Colurso, The Birmingham Sessions, The Matchcoats 2/10/2014

Modular Units of the Analog Domain (MUAD) was born of the love of the sounds that were possible from analog synthesizers.  Friends for decades, James Carr and O.Z. Hall have shared a devotion to music technology going back to the heyday of the analog synthesizer in the 1970s.  Reflecting this interest, James and O.Z. have purchased a number of instruments, many from each other.

James has performed solo original music with synthesizers for decades.  O.Z.’s performance experience has been mostly on drums.  With the “analog” revival of the last decade, the two of them began buying/trading/building analog synthesizer modules.  As a natural extension of this, they began to share creating music with these organic instruments.  Thus was born the synth duo named MUAD.

Their influences include seminal works by Walter (now Wendy) Carlos, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Yes, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, as well as hits from the synth-pop revolution of the 80s.

Original Point of View Band (OPOV Band) is a band of seasoned musicians that enjoy playing good clean music covering various genres such as Pop, R&B, Blues, Country, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Contemporary Gospel, Neo Soul, Easy Listening, and Dance music. OPOV was formed in 2014 under the name Point of View Band and later established their current name brand as the Original Point of View Band. OPOV Band is a viable Limited Liability Corporation and its general make-up is a 7-piece band, 3 singers, Drums, Bass, Lead Guitar, and Keys. The Band is equipped to cover indoor and outdoor venues providing sound and lights appropriate for most venues. OPOV is well versed and experienced in performing for weddings, wedding receptions, corporate events, parties, restaurants, festivals, and club events.

Ritual Eyes – The musical project of Nabeel Emaish

The Satin Dogs Duo is Sergio Rangel and bass player Ross Graham of Sergio and the Satin Dogs blending various styles of music from Duke Ellington to David Bowie, cultivating a sound that is both unique and refreshing. Sergio and Ross have been playing together since 2016, an out of the blue kind of thing, a friendship formed through music that had previously been made. Sergio & the Satin Dogs are currently traveling in promotion of their soon to be recorded and released ‘Under a Crowded Sign: Part One, Two, and Three’. Whether you catch this band as a duo, four-piece, or full-fledged band with horns, you are in for a treat. All the happenings for Sergio & the Satin Dogs can be found on their website,

Chris Seifert

Startle the Heavens – Using the natural world as a template from which to draw inspiration, Startle the Heavens creates sonic landscapes to accent the wonders that surround us all. Both sight and wordless sound exist as universal languages that inform the human experience on a daily basis, and as such the canvas on which Ben Leopard shares his compositions has the power to speak to anyone, anywhere. The Birmingham, Alabama native has been a multi-instrumentalist since his early years, and after spending time honing his craft in a number of bands he eventually found his way to a life as a solo artist in 2007. Working primarily in the realm of softer ambient music, he immediately found success in the form of TV soundtracks, including two songs picked up for use on CSI: Miami. He has since released 5 albums and a single, leading up to Canyons, his most recent and also loudest record to date.

Wave Pilot is a 5 piece band based out of Birmingham, Alabama with influences ranging from Jazz, Soul, and Progressive Rock