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Park Place Centre Stage – live music!












Presented by:
Event Rentals Unlimited
Birmingham Mountain Radio 107.3fm

You can find this intimate live music stage in the Park Place Café. Take a break from art collecting, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy live music  from local talent.


Friday, April 27
Lunch Session w/ The Audiovore

Saturday, April 28
11:00am – Startle the Heavens
12:00pm – Amen Corner
1:00pm – The Yellow Dandies
2:00pm – Clay States
3:00pm – Legal Limit
4:00pm – Rebecca Egeland
5:00pm –

Sunday, April 29
11:00am – Calliope Pettis
12:00pm – cnida
1:00pm – MUAD
2:00pm – RAMKID
3:00pm – ETC

Live Music coordinator: Jess Marie Walker


Modular Units of the Analog Domain (MUAD) was born of the love of the sounds that were possible from analog synthesizers.  Friends for decades, James Carr and O.Z. Hall have shared a devotion to music technology going back to the heyday of the analog synthesizer in the 1970s.  Reflecting this interest, James and O.Z. have purchased a number of instruments, many from each other.

James has performed solo original music with synthesizers for decades.  O.Z.’s performance experience has been mostly on drums.  With the “analog” revival of the last decade, the two of them began buying/trading/building analog synthesizer modules.  As a natural extension of this, they began to share creating music with these organic instruments.  Thus was born the synth duo named MUAD.

Their influences include seminal works by Walter (now Wendy) Carlos, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Yes, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, as well as hits from the synth-pop revolution of the 80s.

Startle the Heavens – Using the natural world as a template from which to draw inspiration, Startle the Heavens creates sonic landscapes to accent the wonders that surround us all. Both sight and wordless sound exist as universal languages that inform the human experience on a daily basis, and as such the canvas on which Ben Leopard shares his compositions has the power to speak to anyone, anywhere. The Birmingham, Alabama native has been a multi-instrumentalist since his early years, and after spending time honing his craft in a number of bands he eventually found his way to a life as a solo artist in 2007. Working primarily in the realm of softer ambient music, he immediately found success in the form of TV soundtracks, including two songs picked up for use on CSI: Miami. He has since released 5 albums and a single, leading up to Canyons, his most recent and also loudest record to date.