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High School Sculpture Competition

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City Vision – The Visitor’s Channel

These amazing sculptures by high school art students keep getting more creative and elaborate every year. You can find the sculptures on the pathway that connects the fountain and the Corks & Chefs tent in front of City Hall.

We can’t wait to see what these future artists create this year!

2017 Sculpture Concept & Challenge

Project: “Monuments Meet the Streets”

Thousands of years ago, rulers created monuments for religious reasons, personal recognition and entombment. Rulers wanted to immortalize themselves with BIG art. Street art fights this desire for an eternal reputation. Street art is fleeting. Participating students were asked to respond to or recreate a monument so that the viewer thinks about the origin or meaning behind the monument in a new way.

Participating Schools:

Alabama School of Fine Arts
Shades Valley High School
The Altamont School

Inspirational Imagery: