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High School Sculpture Competition

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City Vision – The Visitor’s Channel

These amazing sculptures by high school art students keep getting more creative and elaborate every year. You can find the sculptures on the pathway that connects the fountain and the Corks & Chefs tent in front of City Hall.

We can’t wait to see what these future artists create this year!

2016 Sculpture Concept & Challenge

“Weather’s Whims”

We are impacted by the effects of weather every day of our lives. Whether we are conscious or not, we are subject to the whims of Mother Nature. Rain – wind – tornadoes – earthquakes – only begin to inventory the long list of weather in its many forms. This year’s project will examine these complex systems and translate them into a large scale sculpture. Students are being asked to listen to Nathalie Miebach’s TED talk lecture, plus research contemporary artists who are examining these themes, and explore the different forces in nature to encourage a  multidimensional approach to the sculpture. Students can also consider variables outside the physical appearance of the natural event to inspire the work.


Alabama School of Fine Arts
Shades Valley High School
The Altamont School
Woodlawn High School
Hoover High School