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Imagination Festival

Presented by:
HeathSouth Corporation
Publix Super Markets Charities
Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency
Alabama Baby & Child Magazine


Total art immersion awaits children and their families at Imagination Festival, where interactive workshops in art, music, theatre, dance and movement will unlock the creativity of every child.

To become a Classroom Sponsor and host one of the 60 city and county 4th grade classes attending Imagination Festival on Friday, April 22, please click here.


2016 Interactive Art Workshops

Puppet Making
Led by Becca Munkachy

Come create your very own posable puppet! Everyone is invited to create their own paper puppet with movable limbs. The possibilities are endless for what type of character you will create. The head, torso, and limbs will be cut out individually, then attached using brads to allow you to pose your puppet anyway you want! We’ll then attach our puppet to a stick for easy puppetry around the festival!

Yarn Pom Pom Installation
Led by Andrea Dillingham

We invite you to lend a hand in our fun, colorful installation in the trees! Participants will learn how to create small pom poms that will be strung up in the trees at Imagination Fest. We will focus on collaboration and installation. Make one or one hundred! The bigger our installation, the bigger impact it will make!

Pollock Painting
Led by Jonathan Evans

Jackson Pollock was a painter who was a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. In this workshop, we will learn about his art and technique and attempt to make our own abstract expressionist creations. Using drip painting, splattering, and expressive strokes, we will make paintings with depth, movement, and color!

Warhol Self-Portraits
Led by Amber Orr

Andy Warhol’s printed portraits are some of the most widely recognizable works of art to date. In this workshop, we will talk about color-blocking and learn how to imitate Warhol’s style to make our own four panel self-portraits.

Felt Garden Installation
Led by Willow Scott

Workshop participants will create felt vegetables to add to our garden installation. Vegetables will be created using felt and glue, then stuffed with cotton for a plush creation! During the workshop, we will discuss the importance of vegetables in balancing your health every day. It will serve as a platform for encouraging home gardens and healthier eating.

Zine Workshop
Led by Amy Mathews

Zine, an abbreviation for magazine or fanzine, is a small self-published work of original text and images. Participants will learn to fold and cut an 11” x 17” piece of paper into a small booklet. They will then draw, write, and collage inside to make their own zine.

Embossed Medallions
Led by Carolyn Fain

In this workshop, participants will learn about embossing and try their hand at jewelry making! Using thin metal sheets cut into circles, we will emboss designs on our medallions and add color with markers. The medallions will be strung on yarn and ready to wear around the festival!

Wax Paper Stained Glass
Led by Lauren Jones

This workshop will be presenting a collaborative wax paper “stained glass window.” This is a fun and simple way to create illuminating works of art that look like real stained glass. The only materials needed for this project are wax paper, multi-colored sharpies, and black electrical tape. Begin with a large sheet of wax paper (waxed side down) and stretch it across a table. Place the tape on the wax paper to create negative space, making squares for each artist to fill in with color. Each participant will color their square, using designs or patterns to show their personal style. When the light shines through the colored paper, it looks just like a beautiful stained glass window!

Natural Mandala Sun Catchers
Led by Hannah Barrett

Found in cultural traditions all around the world, mandalas are symbolic circular patterns created to represent the universe, wholeness, and both the macrocosm and microcosm. This project is an integrated exploration of art and nature. Participants are invited to discover shapes, colors, and textures found in nature. With visual references of the works of Carl Jung, Tibetan monks, and stain glass art found in Christian cathedrals, students will design their own mandala pattern with flower petals, leaves, and other natural materials to create a sun catcher. Materials include paper plates, clear contact, foraged nature objects, scissors, natural string, and a hole punch.

Collaborative Story Quilt
Led by Kendra Jones

Michael Cummings is an artist and quilter based in Harlem, New York. His quilts are narrative and focus more on story-telling than traditional quilting patterns. His quilts include scenes of Africa combined with historical themes. At our quilting workshop, each child will create their own narrative on a quilting square. Each square will be added to make a collaborative Imagination Fest story quilt. By combining Michael Cummings’ narrative style and traditional quilting patterns, the children will be able to work together to create a piece that everyone can stop by to enjoy.

Chihuly-inspired Plastic Bottle Sculptures
Led by Robby Wise

For this earth-saving funky fun art project, the kids will use plastic bottles and sharpies to create a one of kind sculpture resembling the incredible glass works of Dale Chihuly. To achieve a colorful glass-like appearance, the kids will cut out shapes from the bottles and then use sharpie markers to decorate. The teaching artist will then use a heat gun to melt the plastic, giving it a glossy organic shape. Using a hole punch and pipe cleaners, we will attach the sculptures together to create a beautiful collaborative piece. This unique art project shows kids how to turn harmful trash into beautiful sculptures!

Neoplastic Mixed Media Paintings
Led by Travis Craig

Neoplasticism is a Dutch art movement in which art is reduced to the essentials of form and color. Perhaps the most famous Neoplastic artist, Piet Mondrian, painted in a grid-like pattern using only primary colors, black, and white. We will use collage and painting to create our own Neoplastic creations and focus on the “purity of form.”

Xerox Transfer Drawings
Led by Belle Prosser

This mixed-media workshop will teach participants how to transfer drawings, photos, text, etc. using Citra Solv. The solvent will bleed the printed ink onto your paper, after which, drawing and painting elements can be added on top.

Frank’s Friends
Led by Reese Hanlin

Frank Fleming is an Alabama based artist known for his whimsical and highly detailed sculptures, usually of animals. We will be taking inspiration from his art and making our own clay animal creations!

Piecing It Together
Led by Ian Krusinski

In this workshop, we will work together to create a collaborative piece. Each participant will use markers and watercolor to create their image. Each drawing will be cut in the same shape and added with the other drawings. Although we’ll be creating a uniform pattern, each element of this pattern will be unique to the artist.

EyeBeam Project – An Art & Architecture Collaboration 
Led by:
Makebhm team

To get more details about the 2016 Eyebeam Project installation, click here.