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Imagination Festival

Presented by:
HeathSouth Corporation
Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency
Alabama Baby & Child Magazine


Total art immersion awaits children and their families at Imagination Festival, where interactive workshops in art, music, theatre, dance and movement will unlock the creativity of every child.

To become a Classroom Sponsor and host one of the 60 city and county 4th grade classes attending Imagination Festival on Friday, April 24, please click here.


2015 Interactive Art Workshops

Suminagashi: Paper Marbling
Led by Cherish Roodhouse

Centuries ago, the Japanese art form Suminagashi, which translates to “spilled ink,” was formed. The art inspired by Suminagashi of marbling on paper is still used today by modern artists such as Heidi Finley. Students will be able to create their own marbled creation on paper using paint, water, and various tools of manipulation.

The World of Lascaux and Instagram
Led by Alyssa Briggs

The caves at Lascaux contain some of the earliest art known to man; paintings estimated to be nearly 17,300 years old! Yet Paleolithic people’s focus was not so different than ours; the things they chose to capture and share were what they saw, what they did, what they ate… much like Instagram today! Participants will get to learn a little more about the art of Lascaux, and then collaborate by painting our own unique cave wall! Growing artists will contribute with their modern “Instagram” paintings in the style and color palette of ancient France.

Watercolor Monoprinting
Led by Virginia Phillips

Come make a watercolor print using the technique of monoprinting! Students will learn about the printmaking process by using this simple method to create one of a kind pieces. By painting directly on a plexiglass surface, you can pick up the watercolor by pressing paper on top. We will also use line work to define the organic shapes made by the watercolor.

Natural Mandala Sun Catchers
Led by Jonathan Woolley

Found in cultural traditions all around the world, mandalas are symbolic circular patterns created to represent the universe, wholeness, and both the macrocosm and microcosm. This project is an integrated exploration of art and nature. Participants are invited to discover shapes, colors, and textures found in nature. With visual references of the works of Carl Jung, Tibetan monks, and stain glass art found in Christian cathedrals, students will design their own mandala pattern with flower petals, leaves, and other natural materials to create a sun catcher. Materials include paper plates, clear contact, foraged nature objects, scissors, natural string, and a hole punch.

Collaborative Story Quilt
Led by Carolyn Fain

Michael Cummings is an artist and quilter based in Harlem, New York. His quilts are narrative and focus more on story-telling than traditional quilting patterns. His quilts include scenes of Africa combined with historical themes. At our quilting workshop, each child will create their own narrative on a quilting square. Each square will be added to make a collaborative Imagination Fest story quilt. By combining Michael Cummings’ narrative style and traditional quilting patterns, the children will be able to work together to create a piece that everyone can stop by to enjoy.

Chihuly-inspired Plastic Bottle Sculptures
Led by Hannah Barrett

For this earth-saving funky fun art project, the kids will use plastic bottles and sharpies to create a one of kind sculpture resembling the incredible glass works of Dale Chihuly. To achieve a colorful glass-like appearance, the kids will cut out shapes from the bottles and then use sharpie markers to decorate. The teaching artist will then use a heat gun to melt the plastic, giving it a glossy organic shape. Using a hole punch and pipe cleaners, we will attach the sculptures together to create a beautiful collaborative piece. This unique art project shows kids how to turn harmful trash into beautiful sculptures!

Kwakiutl Totem Poles
Led by Willow Scott

Come one, come all! Let’s create totem poles! Participants can create poles entirely of recycled materials. Each interchangeable piece will be reminiscent of totem art from the Kwakiutl Native American tribe! Each pole will help transform the park into an installation of spirit animals and tribal symbols!

Painting Portraits
Led by Bethany Moody

In this art activity inspired by Italian artist Naomi Vona, everyone is invited to transform old portraits with patterns and color. Vona paints on old photographs, adding dots, lines, and other patterns. Collaborate with the “paint by number” style of the larger portraits or create your own smaller portrait art that you can take home.

Environment Collage and Illustration
Led by Becca Munkachy

Using collage and illustration, participants will design an environment around the object of their choosing. You can create a rainstorm around a cabin or put a person in outer space! Participants will be encouraged to create the space around their object, rather than cutting and pasting scenes from a magazine. Taking inspiration from illustrator and collage artist Lucy Driscoll, we will create these environments in clever and creative ways.

The Art Out of Nothing Game
Led by Ian Krusinski

Join us in a game of imagination where we look for hidden images in a chaos of lines! Follow the rules, and you’ll take home some wonderful, unexpected art. By learning to look at things a little differently, you won’t believe what you’ll find in a scribble! Come play with us!

Wax Casting
Led by David Presley

In this workshop, students will learn about casting to create 3-dimensional art. Casting is usually done with metals or materials like clay or plaster. We will be using a more kid-friendly material: wax. To create your wax casting, you must start with negative space in order to create the positive space. We will explore this and other rules of working in 3-dimensions.

Textured Turtles
Led by Hannah Hawk & Elizabeth Gross

Come create your own unique Textured Turtle! In this workshop, students will learn fun ways to manipulate clay. We will learn the coil method, hand-building, and how to create textures with various tools. Leave it with us to dry, and come pick up your little turtle friend at the end of the day!

Lichtenstein-Inspired Collages
Led by Bob Carr

Join us to make art that POPS! We will be taking inspiration from one of the leading figures in Pop Art during the 1960’s, Roy Lichtenstein. Speech and thought bubbles, polka dots, and comic book-style illustrations are among the images we will borrow from Lichtenstein to create our own Pop Art collage.

Wangechi Mutu-Insprired Collaged Self-Portraits
Led by Belle Prosser

Wangechi Mutu’s style is to create portraits of African and black women in positions of power and strength. She usually uses a lot of nature imagery and sometimes adds some simple mixed media elements to her collages. In this workshop, students will search through magazines for images that they can cut and paste to make their self-portrait. We want to transfer Mutu’s message about personal strength to these students, by allowing them to create a piece that shows them however they want to be seen.

Neoplastic Mixed Media Paintings
Led by Travis Craig

Neoplasticism is a Dutch art movement in which art is reduced to the essentials of form and color. Perhaps the most famous Neoplastic artist, Piet Mondrian, painted in a grid-like pattern using only primary colors, black, and white. We will use collage and painting to create our own Neoplastic creations and focus on the “purity of form.”

Japanese Carp Kites
Led by Alley Bulka

Koinobori means “carp kite” in Japanese. These are hung on houses in Japan during Children’s Day, May 5th. Everyone is invited to get inspired by this culture and make their own carp kite! We will use watercolor, markers, string, tissue paper, and lots of other fun supplies to make our creations. Take yours home and hang it up just in time for Children’s Day!

Animal Tracks Stenciling
Led by Robby Wise & Mary Catherine Fehr

Help lead everyone to the Frank Flemming exhibit at the Birmingham Museum of Art with fun aminal tracks! Stenciling is often used in street art, such as graffiti and murals. Using this technique, we will create animal tracks, inspired by Frank Flemming’s animal sculptures, with chalk and stencils.

Piecing It Together
Led by Andrea Dillingham

In this workshop, we will work together to create a collaborative piece. Each participant will use markers and watercolor to create their image. Each drawing will be cut in the same shape and added with the other drawings. Although we’ll be creating a uniform pattern, each element of this pattern will be unique to the artist.

Chinese Dragons
Led by Young Rembrandts

Come learn about Chinese culture and let it inspire you in your art! In this workshop, we will show participants step by step how to draw a Chinese dragon.

Frank’s Friends
Led by Carrie Montgomery

Frank Fleming is an Alabama based artist known for his whimsical and highly detailed sculptures, usually of animals. We will be taking inspiration from his art and making our own animal creations! Take a walk around the lobby of the Birmingham Museum of Art, where Frank Fleming’s exhibition Between Fantasy and Reality is taking place to inspire you before you create!

Follow the Movements
Led by Sycamore Toffel

In this workshop, we will move our bodies with soul, creative thinking, and music!

Towers of Color
EyeBeam Project – An Art & Architecture Collaboration 

Led by:
Jonathan Meadows, Williams Blackstock Architects

To get more details about the 2015 Eyebeam Project installation, click here.