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Imagination Festival

Presented by:
BBVA Compass
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Publix Super Markets Charities
Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency
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Total art immersion awaits children and their families at Imagination Festival, where interactive workshops in art, music, theatre, dance and movement will unlock the creativity of every child.

To become a Classroom Sponsor and host one of the 60 city and county 3rd and 4th grade classes attending Imagination Festival on Friday, April 27, please click here.


2018 Interactive Art Workshops

Joyce Kozloff: Connect the Dots
Led by Julie Aderhold

Inspired by Joyce Kozloff’s “Maps & Patterns” work and the Pattern and Decoration art movement, participants will collaborate with recycled materials to explore the micro and macro of pattern creation. Where a circle is never just a circle, it’s a shape that represents wholeness. Large scale mosaics and mandalas come to life through a myriad of bottle caps.

Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan: Urban Boxcapades
Led by Kristen Berry

Inspired by the “In Habit: Project Another Country” installation by Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan, the participants in this workshop will build a large scale, collaged boxcapade with free reign to decorate and add architectural features like secret tunnels, arches, or anything they are inspired to build. Utilizing recycled boxes, magazines, a highly imaginative and stimulating, eco-friendly project will take form and morph throughout the Festival weekend.

Hoyt Sherman: Flash Lab: “I can’t draw”
Led by Cole Bryant

Flashes of images push for quick gestures in this workshop inspired by Hoyt Sherman. Participants in this workshop are encouraged to leave any disbelief or previous learning of drawing behind and learn to draw and see a picture at the same time, while tapping into the immediate intuitive nature and physical act of drawing.

Mildred Thompson: Bold & Broad Expressions
Led by William Canty

Mildred Thompson devoted her artistic practice to exploring and expanding the language of nonrepresentational abstraction. Her work is often defined by dynamic mark-making, complex uses of color, and vast atmospheres. In this workshop participants will pay tribute to Thompson by learning how to mix colors, painting their abstract landscapes, and creating their own unique marks using brushes, sticks, or finger-painting.

Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky: Inside Out Circles
Led by Janice Cook

William Kandinsky was known as a pioneer of abstract modern art and the expressionist movement, but ultimately tried to portray visual language that transcended cultural and physical boundaries. In this workshop, saluting Kandinsky, participants will pay tribute to his work “Concentric Circles” of 1913 by creating their own rendition of bright & bold circles as a reflection of their inner self.

Louise Nevelson: Parts, Pieces and the Whole
Led by Jennifer Davis

Louise Nevelson emerged as an influential dadaist during a time of peak popularity for abstract expressionism. Her Installations, comprised of found wood and objects, found a variety of formats that gave a voice to the whole sculpture, rather than the individual parts. From objects in piles, to objects neatly stacked wall-sized assemblages, or objects placed in boxes, her monochromatic assemblages push the viewer to interact with everyday objects as part of a larger piece of art.

Hannah Höch: Yesterday and Today
Led by Camille Goulet

Hannah Höch’s photomontages were created from gathered images and text from popular forms of media and reflected important social issues of her time. In this workshop participants will create photomontages by combining the process of tape transfers with collage using old and new photographs, magazines, and newspapers in uncanny ways. What will your photomontage say about then or now?

Let by Hannah Greenwood

Frank Fleming is an Alabama based artist known for his whimsical and highly detailed sculptures, often of animals. Using various clay sculpture techniques participants of this workshop will draw inspiration from his art in making their own clay animal creations. In addition, children will learn how to make a perfect pinch pots, use additive and reductive methods, and manipulate the clay surface with carving and impressions.

Helen Frankenthaler: Soak-Staining
Led by Krisalyn Hammond

Helen Frankenthaler is one of America’s greatest painters.  She was experimental with her techniques and employed the Soak-Staining method. Working with watered down paint, participants will be splashing, painting, and squirting onto fabric- to make their own abstract piece/- to create a mural over the weekend.

Tara Donovan: Community Rolls
Led by Melody Hollenbeck

Tara Donovan is an installation artist who uses repetitive organic forms to create installations out of recycled or repurposed objects. Unlike the mostly monochromatic work of Donovan, the rolls will express the participant’s individuality by showcasing varying colors, images, words, or textures. Festival visitors are invited to walk through and interact with the installation. Participants will explore identity, cooperation, and community.

Charlie Lucas: Electro Robo Monsters
Led by Taylor Hollingsworth

Channeling Alabama artist, Charlie Lucas, children will make junk art sculpture. They will disassemble old electronics such as VCR’s, radios, and DVD players, etc. Using the assemblage technique the children of this workshop will reassemble the junk electronics and toys to create exciting, stagnant or kinetic, junk art sculptures of a monstrous nature.

Kara Walker: My best Self
Led by Andy Jordan

The contemporary artist, Kara Walker has taken drawing to new scales with her silhouette wall drawings. Walker used her silhouette wall drawings to expose the injustice, and yet at times hopes and escapes, faced by African-Americans during slavery. In this workshop, students will cut out silhouettes of themselves’ achieving their greatest dreams in black craft paper and adhere onto a roll of butcher paper made into a large crankie, an early form of animation. The students will focus on how they can look back to the inequality of the past, while thinking about the opportunities they themselves have in the future.

Alexander Calder : Mobiles in Motion
Led by Madeleine Melville

Mobile – n. (mō’bēl’) A type of sculpture consisting of carefully equilibrated parts that move, especially in response to air currents. Alexander Calder’s “mobiles” – a word coined by French artist Marcel Duchamp when he saw Calder’s kinetic sculptures (a pun on the French word for “to move” and “motive”) – went against everything sculpture had been up to the 1930’s. Arranged by the chance operations of the wind or touch, they were simple and playful emphasizing form and color. Like Alexander Calder, the students in this workshop will make movement a main component of the mobile sculptures they will construct out of wire and brightly colored paper.

Tom “Gray Elk”: Ode to Heritage
Led by Eugenia Miller

Tom “Gray Elk” Rael creates three-dimensional Native American artwork which utilizes the “energetic gifts” of the birds and animals. Come explore the elements of art and principles of design, including rhythm, movement, and emphasis, in the creation of works of art. Students will create symbolic works of art that communicate ideas, thoughts, and express cultural emphasis.

Robert Rauschenberg: Mix, Match, Collage!
Led by Chase Prater

Rauschenberg’s sculptural collages render animals, plants, machines and more by assembling everyday objects. Using 2D cut-outs and 3D objects around us, we will build, sculpt and assemble our own rendering. In this workshop you can transform everyday into the extraordinary! Bring your imagination in this workshop where a spoon could be a chameleon’s tail or a stapler into an alligator’s mouth.

Wayne White: The Shape of Expression
Led by Emily Rice

Wayne White, known as a jack of all trades artist, is mainly known for his set and puppet designs from Pee-wee’s Playhouse. In this workshop participants will be paying tribute to his initial background of design and puppet creations. Come dive into imaginative design by collaborating on a large-scale sculpture. Participants will break down facial elements and transform cardboard cutouts to explore shapes, depth, and structure.

David H. Press: Wide-World-Web
Led by Julianna Richey

In the collaborative fiber art project, participants will create and explore a sensory labyrinth.  Inspired by David H. Press come discover textural interaction of materials and how to turn lines into three dimensional shapes. Come learn the limits and limitless nature of yarn using perspective!

Robert Moog: Sculpt A Song
Led by Cheyanne Smith

Robert Moog was an engineer and a pioneer of electronic music. He’s best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer. Participants interact with a note-producing theremin. The created note will then be projected visually. Participants can then sculpt the shape of the sounds to carry with them. Come create, see, and replicate sound in this ode to synthetic music and sound art.

William George Mitchell: Leave an Impression
Led by Savannah Smith

In the 1960’s and 70’s William George Mitchell created numerous large scale murals. The high relief, scale, and wonderful organic and geometric patterns of Mitchell’s work really awe the viewer when experiencing it. Inspired by his amazing murals, the students in this workshop will explore making and casting their own relief sculpture and learn about positive and negative ground along with reproduction techniques in sculpture.

Jim Henson: It’s the Puppet Show! Starring: You!
Led by Lauren Strain

Participants will learn about expression through puppetry, and have the chance to make a puppet of their own! Jim Henson recreated the world of puppetry by communicating life lessons, the art of creativity, and expression to children. Sesame Street, not only taught children the alphabet and how to count to 12, it addressed complex issues like divorce, and loneliness, in a way that children could understand and be comforted by. “Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.” – Jim Henson

Piet Mondrian: Mondrian Superhero
Led by Aaliyah Taylor

Come and collage with fabric to create your very own Mondrian cape. In this textile focused workshop participants will focus on the balance of color and shape to transform into their own geometric high fashion. Paying tribute to Piet Mondrian’s style of proportional shapes and primary colors, come be your own art superhero!

Follow the Movements
Led by Sycamore Toffel

In this workshop, we will move our bodies with soul, creative thinking, and music!

Drue Kataoka: An Ancient Art
Led by Susan Vitali

In this workshop participants are introduced to traditional Oriental brush techniques.  Sumi-e was introduced from China to Japan in the 15th Century. It is an Asian art form in which paintings from nature are typically depicted in black ink on white paper, while color can also be used. The hallmark for the Japanese style of Sumi-e is deeply rooted in simplicity and subtleness. Come take in nature and take your time in this exploration of Sumi-e.

Pam Longobardi: Chinese Recycled Dragons
Led by Hunter Vroonland

In Chinese mythology Dragons have been around for centuries, living at the bottom of oceans and rivers. Modern times have been hard on these Mythological guardians due to plastics and other harmful materials getting into ours and their water supply. To help do our part for the environment and help out the dragons we will use thrown away plastics and other recycled materials to make our own DRAGONS! Using paper, cardboard, string, plastic cups and jugs we can create our own Chinese Dragon and help clean up the environment! Inspired by Pam Longobardi of upcycling as a relationship between art, science, and activism!

Paul Cordes Wilm: Animal Self Portraits
Led by Paul Cordes Wilm

Paul Wilm is a contemporary Folk-Pop Artist whose distinctive narrative work carries themes of identity and abstraction. In this step-by-step workshop, local artist Paul Cordes Wilm, will teach a few of the secrets behind his collage & painting techniques Become a character as you depict yourself as your favorite animal and place yourself in an abstract ground. See yourself as a pop-folk portrait!

M.C. Escher: Optical Illusions & Exploration
Led by Robby Wise

Exploration of perspective and the techniques of creating an optical illusion on a two dimensional plane can be found here. MC Escher was the first to explore this realm followed by Carl Krull who used simple grids and line work. Step right up and create your own optical Illusions!

Roy Lichtenstein: POP!Unya Tula Art
Led by Tonya Wise

This workshop combines the imagery and techniques of two art movements that could not be more different: Pop Art inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting inspired by a Papunya Tula Artists cooperative formed in Central Australia in 1972. Participants will use oil pastels to begin with a Pop Art portrait and then adorn their portrait with a symbol that represents a personal secret, a desire, or special wish. The Aboriginal Dot Technique echoes Lichtenstein’s use of his benday dots so they might have more in common than we think! This is your chance to create a piece of modern art steeped in ancient tradition.