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Dan Bynum

2D Mixed Media
Birmingham, AL

On many occasions, during my childhood, I would lay on a hardwood floor while flipping through the latest Sears catalog. The black and white illustrations were a catalyst that awakened my imagination. My current body of work is a distillery of idiosyncrasies and archetypes from my childhood in a sundry Birmingham, Alabama, neighborhood. In my recall mode, visual elements are morphed into a scene from a silent movie, resulting in a tale of human interaction. In many of my works, vintage wallpaper is used to suggest the interior soul of a home – and ourselves. I work on a surface over and over, leaving faint traces of the past. I am erasing and reworking, building up layers of images, much like my childhood friends and I did on the sidewalk. Somewhere between the hardwood floor, the neighborhood sidewalk and today, my artwork can be found.