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Sharon Spillar

Booth Number: 205

2D Mixed Media
St. Louis, MO


Artist Statement
My life is crazy-fun, potently purposeful & positive in a house full of two teens (when they are home from college), three cats, a spoiled dog, and the art of many of my friends.

I am inspired by peeling paint, old architecture, my flower garden, things I have heard and felt, my general surroundings, and recurring and profound celebrations of the fragile and precious gift of life and the will to live, and the joys & sorrows this can bring. My work shows reality in all its wonder & wisdom: discovery & mystery; grace & grit; science & math; words & places; peace & discord; life & death; etc. And, each piece has a unique history of the inspiration and combination of found, gifted and carefully collected & created set of objects, images & meanings it contains.

MIXED MEDIA – ink, acrylic, chalk, paper, pencil, Lettraset, etc. on cradled board. Many works include my personal notes and drawings from sitting in various hotels and bars, or those my loved ones deemed fit to contribute.