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Canne Holladay

Pell City, AL
Evelyn Canne Ceramics

My work has evolved from a search for patterns within the body to an observation of connections between people. I draw inspiration from my environment: urban and rural, domestic and public and wild. I synthesize my observations into something that I hope is familiar but not recognizable. I see that all humans are searching for love and loyalty, truth and acceptance. My work is gestural, as a figure and colorful, as an emotion. Through my creative process, I seek to share that which we all experience from the place where I turn about.

Canne (pronounced “Kay-nee”) Holladay was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Fine Art. She is proud of her experience as an Artist Assistant to Deborah Schwartzkopf in Seattle, Washington; a Work Exchange Member at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA; a Production Thrower at Earthborn Pottery in Leeds, AL. These opportunities have helped her personal development immensely. Currently, Canne resides near Birmingham, Alabama where she maintains a studio practice while teaching Art at Hoover High School.