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Little Sandy Glass

Booth Number: 226

Heather Hepp
Tuscaloosa, AL

Artist Statement

I work in glass because molten glass is so amazing. The demanding nature of the physical work, I find challenging and deeply rewarding. The thought a vessel or sculpture made of liquid seems implausible and that is in fact the allure of the riddle of glassblowing.

I started blowing glass in 2000. I had been looking for a medium and after trying glassblowing, my search was over. I was very lucky to be taken on as an apprentice at Zion Mountain Art Glass in Idaho. After several (7) years of apprenticing, I was thrilled to get a job teaching glassblowing at Boise Art Glass – another great opportunity. After four years there, I wanted to branch out on my own. My husband being from Tuscaloosa, we were motivated to bring more glasswork to Alabama, especially glassblowing classes. So five years ago, we moved to T-Town and built a glass shop. Having my own shop now, I’m able to pursue my glasswork as well as sharing my love for it with others – is the most rewarding feeling.