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A. Denise Rollings-Martin

Booth Number:

BOOTH #208
Bremen, AL

Artist Statement:

I was born and reared in Birmingham, Alabama, where my early fascination with rocks and fossils led me down the road “less traveled by” to create these pretty one-of- a- kind baubles of jewelry art.

My home and studio are on a beautiful pristine lake in rural north Alabama where I practice my art using only natural gemstones, South Sea and Tahitian pearls, fossils, Sterling, Fine Silver and 18K Gold. I don’t use glass, acrylic or man-made stones.

For me, it all starts with the stone. The gemstones I like to work with have something special and unique about them; an unusual shape, exceptional color or a rough gem that just needs a little care and attention. I use traditional lapidary practices to bring these stones and fossils from rough to jewelry ready. Most of my gemstones are acquired directly from the people who mine them and my Pearls come directly from the pearl farm owners.

Fine Silver and 18K Gold are my preferred metals, their color and patina complimenting each other and the gemstones they adorn. I also love the fact that they can be hammered, formed and manipulated into shape with cold processes and cold connection techniques. I start with a sheet of Fine Silver or 18K Gold, cut out a shape to work with and begin hammering and forming it into a cap, setting or decoration. I also use Fine Silver, Sterling Silver and 18K Gold wire, hammering and forming it into flourishes, swirls, boules, bails and chain.

Each morning, I find myself amazed and grateful that I’m here and able to work at something I love to do. I hope you can feel that love in each piece I create.