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Kristi Hyde

Atlanta, GA

The jewelry I make is influenced and inspired by a love for nature, art nouveau and a simple desire to bring more beauty into the world. For me, creating with nature is all about honoring it’s mystery, complexity and grace- all things I’d like my jewelry to convey. As a little girl, I used to make clover chain necklaces with my grandmother and I believe that was how my affinity for design began. When she first showed me how to thread the stems of clover flowers together, I was enamored that nature could be used in such a way to create jewelry even though every one of those necklaces would eventually turn brown and fall apart. Reflecting back on this fond memory from my childhood, it makes perfect sense to me now that I have developed a way to capture the delicateness of nature into something that can potentially last a lifetime. My creative process begins by mindfully choosing botanicals such as hydrangea flowers, orchid leaves, seed pods and bark to become the focal points of each finished piece. I sculpt onto and into natural forms with precious metal clays using a paintbrush, sculpting tools, and my fingers then sinter them in a kiln which is what alchemizes the clay body into metal. Each metal botanical is finished by polishing, setting stones and applying a special patina by hand that allows me to achieve dimensions of color giving them a lifelike appearance. I’s kinda like.. magic!