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Daisy-Anne Dickson

Duluth, GA

I use a variety of media, including acrylic inks, paint, gold leaf, conte crayon, oil sticks, spray paint, fabrics, and resin.

These works are created by pouring, spraying, wiping or shifting the canvas as layers are created over more layers. Some works are created on re-purposed stretched lace or fabrics, to incorporate more handmade layers. Others rest on the foundation of older work that I wanted to breath new life into.

My process attempts to materialize the emotions inside moments of time, as a model where they silently stack themselves on top of one another like pages turning in a book. With time, each moment is lost forever into the next, except for our memory of it. Once each layer has settled, we are unable to peel them apart to examine them individually. Yet, you can see various portions of exposed layers and the lasting impression of their textures in the final piece. These layers no longer exist in singularity. Yet, similar to how each experience contributes to the sum of who we are, each layer contributes to the whole of that work. Through this process I am exploring the concept of simultaneous creation and destruction bringing it to the forefront of our understanding of time. These works are the stories and journeys of my soul, catalogued with art.