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Ron Mellott

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Bloomington, IN


Artist Statement

The essence of the creative process has little to do with technology: cameras, lenses, film type or megapixels. Rather, how I see and understand my subject matter and lighting. How I compose, what elements I include, how weather and natural lighting conditions influence how the image renders. I have to ‘see it’ in my mind before I can capture it. Vision and patience.

My sensibilities take me to a style of photography referred to as the “intimate landscape”, the phrasing attributed to the late New England naturalist Eliot Porter. Capture some portion of the scene, letting the viewer’s mind fill in the area beyond the boundaries of the print. This creates a work that is timeless, enjoyed on its merits, not because of where it was taken but where it takes the viewer.

The majority of my images to date are recorded using medium and large format film of natural landscapes and closeup or macrophotography subject matter.