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Royal Miree

Birmingham, AL

The son of a civil engineer and a mathematician with a love of nature and wildlife, I spent much of my time walking construction sites or the local zoo. At thirteen I began an apprenticeship to kinetic sculptor Edward Hendricks and found an entirely different side of art not bounded by the margins of a static canvas or a flat surface, but an art that utilizes every piece of itself to be realized. Taking a sort of mixed bag of dreams, five years later I went to architecture school, where all the math and engineering felt like a good fit. Before finishing school I began working, and after a number of years that mixed bag of dreams that I had left with opened back up. So, ten years later, I put the architecture dream in the bag and took the art one out.

Now for the past 23 years I make big, shiny toys called pendulum machines. The pendulums are interactive and must be played with in order for movement to occur. They are entirely kinetic, requiring no electronic technology to keep the movement going for up to forty-five minutes. There is a certain fascination with being able to create something with basic elements that may come fully to life with the touch and imagination of the observer.