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Hudson River Inlay

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Jeffery Nelson & Eric Erstling
New Windsor, NY

Artist Statement
Marquetry is an ancient art form that has retained its uniqueness throughout history. It had its beginnings in ancient Egypt, but gained popularity in the royal courts of Renaissance Europe. The art became a lost style as the generations following did not apprentice the form.

We began marquetry in 1979 after years of painting. We start out the whole process by designing a rough sketch. The ideas are given to us through many sources, primarily through creation (or divine inspiration). In addition, we always have the customer in mind as our teacher had always taught us that art is for others. After the design is created it is finally tweaked, cut, applied and finished. The pieces are individually cut according to a blueprint that we make from original rough sketches. The veneers are approximately 1/16 of an inch, so they are very fragile and we have to be delicate with each piece as we lay the pieces down. We purchase the woods in strips from several veneer sources throughout the country. Our wood combinations often include other material: such as mother-of-pearl, web turquoise, and stone.

We share in the craftsmanship and critique each other’s designs so as to get the best in each of us. Along with being featured in various publications, we have won numerous awards in art show throughout the country.