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Park Place Centre Stage – live music!












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Event Rentals Unlimited
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You can find this intimate live music stage in the Park Place Café. Take a break from art collecting,
grab a bite to eat, and enjoy live music from local talent.


Friday, April 27
11:30am-1:30pm – Lunch Session w/ The Audiovore
6:00-8:30pm – Opening Night Event – films and music presented by VINEGAR and Kamál Akeem
located on Park Place at the Board of Education Building

Saturday, April 28
11:00am – Startle the Heavens
12:00pm – Little Girl
1:00pm – The Yellow Dandies
2:00pm – Clay States
3:00pm – Legal Limit
4:00pm – Rebecca Egeland
5:00pm – Shaheed & DJ Supreme

Sunday, April 29
11:00am – Calliope Pettis
12:00pm – Cnida
1:00pm – MUAD
2:00pm – RAMKID
3:00pm – ETC

Friday Night Applause – Little Girl

Live Music coordinator: Jess Marie Walker

The Audiovore
is a one-stop shop for the best in modern music. Radio DJ, filmmaker, music writer, concert promoter, and photographer, Lee Shook has been an integral part of the Birmingham and Southern music scene for 15+ years, producing unique specialty radio shows, live music videos, and concert experiences throughout the southeast through his work with organizations like Birmingham Mountain Radio, TransMuseq, the Shaking Ray Levi Society, and Southeastern Attractions, to name just a few. As a music writer he has also had work published all over the country and world, including with such esteemed publications as Oxford American, The Wire, Paste Magazine, Birmingham Magazine and Tuscaloosa News. He has also worked as a highly-regarded club DJ opening up for national touring acts like Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Michael Franti, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, and Tank & The Bangas, among countless others.

With one foot firmly in the future and the other firmly in the past, Lee Shook has helped raise awareness of the South’s unique musical and cultural history and heritage, and has worked with artists– both large and small, known and unknown– through his countless creative endeavors across multiple media formats.

Calliope Pettis
is a classically trained vocalist and self-taught instrumentalist. Her style can be compared to that of a child who has been left alone with a pot of coffee, a 64 pack of crayons and the notion that there is no right or wrong way to create. Off stage, Calliope teaches private lessons and leads music workshops for young adults with special needs.

Clay States
It’s not uncommon for first-time audiences of The Clay States to glance around the venue a song or two into a set, as if to reassure themselves that they’re still in the same place – or the same era – as they were just minutes before. The Alabama-based duo’s stories come from the past straight and undiluted.

Occasionally there’s a vibe of the sheer vocal intensity of Buckingham Nicks, or a glimpse into the rural-gothic fantasies of Gillian Welch, but the music of The Clay States is far from derivative. Lyrics are often sparse, laborious, fraught. Instrumentation alternates between cello, banjo, and traditional guitar to create layers of anachronism.

Their typical haunts for performance take place in buildings rich with turn-of-the-century industrial history–from the engine room of a steel mill to the antique pumping station of a former waterworks. “The idea is to get our sound to interact with the crumbling post-industrial South,” songwriter Stephen Collins says. “The old brick, rusted pipe, and stairwells seem to sing back.”

(Seth Noble; joined by Meg Ford, violin) is acoustic drone/additive processes for harmonium, percussion, and various other gadgetry. It’s either the ocean floor or deep space, but you probably end up dead either way.

Seth Noble is a percussionist and co-founder of the Iron Giant Percussion group.  A graduate of the University of Alabama – Birmingham. Seth currently resides in South Eastlake, Birmingham where he works as the Director of Artistic Administration for the Alabama Symphony Orchestra.  He has performed for and in collaboration with several Alabama arts organizations, such as the Birmingham Art Music Alliance, Sanspointe Dance Company, Clefworks, and the Alys Stephens Center’s world premiere of Glenn Kotche’s Beautiful Confusion with Grammy-winning ensemble Third Coast Percussion.  In the fall of 2015, Seth performed the New York premiere of Monroe Golden’s Vestiges for solo vibraphone and fixed media as part of Vox Novus’ “Circuit Bridges” series. Recently, Seth has begun performing music for signal-processed harmonium, mbira, and percussion under the solo moniker Cnida.

(Extemporaneous Theatre Company)

Kamál Akeem
is an electronic artist who focuses on producing music of the hip-hop/house/lo-fi variety and plays a variety of live sets as well as DJ performances.

Legal Limit
is a rock band based in Birmingham, Alabama that consists of experienced musicians who provide a fun and entertaining musical experience. Legal Limit is predominantly a “classic rock” band and lead singer Brent Irby’s soulful vocals pay homage to a wide range of artists which include Springsteen, Petty, The Stones, Seger, Mellencamp, Prince, and many more. 

The band calls Birmingham home, but also plays regularly in Nashville, at the world famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, where it offers a wide range for the country music fan–from Waylon, Jackson and Cash to Combs and Church.

This is a band that will transform the area in front of the stage into a dance floor with an uptempo tune, or have the crowd swaying and singing along to a tender ballad. Either way, this band knows how to entertain. A mix of original tunes provides a menu of songs and entertainment that will have the crowd wanting more.

The band has played top musical venues and festivals in and around the Birmingham market, including: WorkPlay, Saturn, The Nick Rocks, Haven, Avondale Brewery, SliceFest, Red White and Brew Festival, 80’s Rewind at the Zoo, and many more.

Like them on Facebook @ Legal Limit Birmingham and for booking information contact: or

Little Girl
is a femme/synth pop project by Lindsey Shante (fka Helen of Coi) along with collaborators Bobby Wason and Abbey Conlee, based in Birmingham, Alabama. Sometimes ambient, sometimes dancey, always dreamy. Holding a bachelors in music from the University of North Florida, she blurs genres with her classical/avant-garde past and interest in underground, experimental electronic music. She has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada. She has been featured in Birmingham Magazine’s 2016 music edition, Auntie Bellum southern femme blog, and aired on Spice Radio Huntsville, Birmingham Mountain Radio, and FOTW Sydney.

“Shante, classically trained yet utterly eclectic, composes a dreamy, synthy witch’s brew of sounds and beats that are infectious, soothing, and even anthemic. It’s also somehow a bit unsettling, which, to me, is a good thing.” –, Oct 2016

She has shared the stage with the likes of Boyfriend, Twinki, Mother Falcon, Mothers, Millionyoung, Caveman, Florist, Millionyoung & Ruby the Rabbitfoot. Other projects she has been a part of/collaborated with are Personal Boy, Ritual Union, Sea Cycles, Grammar Tree, Future Elevators, Meridian, The Green Seed, Quarry, Form Constant, Balcony View & Püshï.

(Modular Units of the Analog Domain) was born of the love of the sounds that were possible from analog synthesizers. Friends for decades, James Carr and O.Z. Hall have shared a devotion to music technology going back to the heyday of the analog synthesizer in the 1970s. Reflecting this interest, James and O.Z. have purchased a number of instruments, many from each other.

James has performed solo original music with synthesizers for decades. O.Z.’s performance experience has been mostly on drums. With the “analog” revival of the last decade, the two of them began buying/trading/building analog synthesizer modules. As a natural extension of this, they began to share creating music with these organic instruments. Thus was born the synth duo named MUAD.

Their influences include seminal works by Walter (now Wendy) Carlos, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Yes, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, as well as hits from the synth-pop revolution of the 80s.

 is the brainchild of Sam Herman, and has roots stretching back to 2005. In an attempt to pair tender love songs with wild freeform improvisation, beat-driven grooves with textural soundscapes, and pop covers with contemporary chamber music, the single goal of this project is simply to remain unafraid of new ideas. Recent live events have included a 3-night marathon weekend at the Spring Street Firehouse, and a collaboration with the University of Alabama at Birmingham Percussion Ensemble, titled Ambient Music for Percussion.

Rebecca Egeland
is an indie-folk singer/songwriter who has been playing around Birmingham since 2016. She has joined forces with Alabama newcomer,
AJ Covey. AJ is a Phoenix native & lifelong percussionist. Together, they have been collaborating on a growing collection of songs, which they have performed all around Alabama over the past few months. They are excited to share the stage at Magic City Art Connection with a bunch of local acts!

Shaheed & DJ Supreme
– Communicating Vessels’ recording artists Shaheed and DJ Supreme are one of hip-hop’s most consistent groups. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama Shaheed and DJ Supreme don’t fit the mold of most typical dirty south artists as they are practitioners of traditional boom-bap hip hop. They’ve already released two critically acclaimed LPs, Health Wealth and Knowledge of Self and Scholar Warrior (The Remix Album), which showcases Shaheed’s sharp lyrical prowess and DJ Supreme’s soulful production.

As a group, Shaheed and DJ Supreme have shared stages with Atmosphere, Jurassic 5, The Jungle Brothers,RaekwonDJ Shiftee, The Bodega Brovas and Stalley. Their albums boast guest appearances from artists such as Akil the MC (of Jurassic 5), Amir Sulaiman, and W. Ellington Felton. Their highly anticipated 3rd LP, Knowledge Rhythm and Understanding, was released on Communicating Vessels.

Startle the Heavens – Using the natural world as a template from which to draw inspiration, Startle the Heavens creates sonic landscapes to accent the wonders that surround us all. Both sight and wordless sound exist as universal languages that inform the human experience on a daily basis, and as such the canvas on which Ben Leopard shares his compositions has the power to speak to anyone, anywhere. The Birmingham, Alabama native has been a multi-instrumentalist since his early years, and after spending time honing his craft in a number of bands he eventually found his way to a life as a solo artist in 2007. Working primarily in the realm of softer ambient music, he immediately found success in the form of TV soundtracks, including two songs picked up for use on CSI: Miami. He has since released 5 albums and a single, leading up to Canyons, his most recent and also loudest record to date.

– Ryan Meyer, Ann Trondson, and Melissa Yes were drawn to each other by a kind of gravitation or magnetism, each having brought their creative careers to Birmingham after incubating them in other American cities. They each make and champion forms of art that are experimental, participatory, ephemeral, or otherwise expanded beyond conventional boundaries. Meyer, Trondson, and Yes—together, Vinegar—are working to support and expand conversations around art and culture in Birmingham, Alabama, and are taking inspiration from artist-run organizations that have found success elsewhere in the country.

Vinegar seeks to connect Birmingham to a vibrant global network of art and cultural organizations through exhibitions, screenings, artist exchanges, and more. In their first exploratory year, Vinegar is working as a vagabond collective, producing events with the help of friends and organizations who are willing to lend free or cheap spaces and resources. Vinegar is currently seeking a more permanent space for the future.

The Yellow Dandies – Keystone Hill, Ben Hood and their lovely compatriots combine old-time string band music with the weirdness of Zappa, the heart of Hartford, and the idiotic fury of The Pogues.