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High School Sculpture Competition

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Excursions by CityVision

These amazing sculptures by high school art students keep getting more creative and elaborate every year. You can find the sculptures on the pathway that connects the fountain and the Corks & Chefs tent in front of City Hall.

We can’t wait to see what these future artists create this year!

2018 Project: “Land Connections” Sculpture Challenge Winner:  Alabama School of Fine Arts “Rapid Eye Movement”

2019  Sculpture Concept & Challenge:

Animals have been portrayed in art since the origins of human culture. Often they have served as symbolic figures in humanity’s effort to understand itself. Mythological creatures have also been invented out of the process of symbolizing the natural world. Animals and creatures figure prominently on totem poles, as sculpted guardians of palaces, and in the earthen mounds made by Native Americans. They have continued to figure prominently in Western painting and sculpting traditions. Modern and contemporary artists such as Lavar Munroe, Louise Bourgeois and Ralph Griffin have continued to depict animals and creatures in striking ways. Look at these artists and other art historical references for inspiration in creating your own animal sculpture.

Participating Schools:
Alabama School of Fine Arts
Woodlawn High School

Inspirational Imagery: