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Imagination Festival

Presented by:
Alabama State Council on the Arts
National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency
BlueCross and BlueShield of Alabama
Babypalooza Magazine


Total art immersion awaits children and their families at Imagination Festival, where socially distanced, interactive workshops and projects will unlock the creativity of every child.

Saturday, April 14, 10am-5pm
Sunday, April 25, 10am – 4pm

Teaching Artists:

Savannah Smith
Kristen Berry
Sarah Kitchens
Brad Hurst

Featured Workshops:

Wonder Cave
Enter the mystical world of cave formation; stalactite ceilings and stalagmite floors. In this workshop we will be taking a page from our ancient human history and making our own cave art.

Adventure Tunnel
Make your way to Wonder Cave and our chalk zone through this ever expanding tunnel. Mind your head – and make your mark – by helping us dig deep into our imagination to make this tunnel as colorful as the cave!

Grow Your Own Crystal
Help us grow our IF crystal by choosing your own facets and taking part in a large scale interactive art project. While most crystals of this size form over hundreds of years, we will fast track ours; put your mark on our dark crystal and watch it transform in just one weekend!

Quilt to last, Quilt to be destroyed
Come together to make a painted quilt of recycled fabric. Throughout history, this process has drawn together a community, across many different cultures, to create warmth and protection from the cold. Add your story and create a patchwork of what makes you all special and unique!