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Imagination Festival

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Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency
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Total art immersion awaits children and their families at Imagination Festival, where interactive workshops in art, music, theatre, dance and movement will unlock the creativity of every child.

To become a Classroom Sponsor and host one of the 60 city and county 3rd and 4th grade classes attending Imagination Festival on Friday, April 27, please click here.


2019 Interactive Art Workshops

Yulia Brodskaya: The Art of Quilling
Led by Julie Aderhold
A lot can be done with one piece of paper!  imagine the possibilities of what can be created with a multitude of paper! In this workshop participants will learn the art of paper quilling, a form which dates back to the Renaissance and brought to modern expression by Yulia Brodskaya. Working with coiling and shaping strips of paper to create their own leaf design, participants  will learn the relationship of transforming paper from 2d to 3d forms.

Tyree Guyton: Who Am I?
Led by Janice Cook
Created from reclaimed materials and using the theme of who am I & what are some of my favorite things, participants will combine collage and assemblage to visually demonstrate identity. Assemblage can create a powerful artistic individual expression within each of us!

William Phelan: Visual Poetry
Led by Travis Craig
In this workshop we go back to the basics of primary colors and simple shapes to learn how repetition creates patterns and how much beauty can be found in such simplicity. Inspired by William Phelan’s twist on Mondrian in his piece ‘Mondrian Splattered’

Victor Muniz: 3D Collage Buttons
Led by Jonathan Evans
Using reclaimed bottle tops and caps, as a base, participants will use collage and assemblage to create a button. Beginning with a base of collage focus on overlapping shapes and adding reclaimed materials on top. Inspired by the diverse work of Brazillian artist Vik Muniz.

Travis Bedel: Nature Within
Led by Becky Delgado
Travis Bedel, a San Francisco based artist, creates surreal collages intertwining anatomical structures with flora and fauna acutely highlighting the relationship between humanity and our environment. In this workshop participants will create anatomical and environmental inspired collages using natural materials and magazines.

Andy Goldsworthy: Nature Windchimes
Led by Andrea Dillingham
Create your own beautiful and colorful wooden wind chime made from the trees around you! In this workshop participants will be provided and collect natural materials, learn sanding techniques, assemblage, and design to create a natural wind chime.

Catherine Lewis: Natural Plant Dyeing
Led by Camille Goulet
What can be used to create color from the natural world around us? In this workshop participants will explore natural dyes. Using recycled clothing as the base and following up with rubber bands, scissors, and markers to add to their dyed creation.

Natalie Stopka: Floating Ink
Led by Krisalyn Hammond
In this workshop participants are exposed to how the art of Suminagashi, known as paper marbling works. Participants will be creating a twist on the traditional method by using food coloring and shaving cream.

Charlie Lucas: Electro Robo Monsters
Led by Taylor Hollingsworth
Channeling Alabama artist, Charlie Lucas, children will make junk art sculpture. They will disassemble old electronics such as VCR’s, radios, and DVD players, etc. Using the assemblage technique the children of this workshop will reassemble the junk electronics and toys to create exciting, stagnant or kinetic, junk art sculptures of a monstrous nature.

Jack Whitten: Let the Paint Talk
Led by Rumi Kallenbach
Throughout his innovative artistic career, Jack Whitten remained fascinated with the materiality of paint. In pursuing a material language, he developed a body of rich emotional and conceptual work. The goal of this workshop is to encourage participants to explore the use of paint as a physical material, and to discover what potential for expression exists in this method. We will be experimenting with application methods, paint treatment and composition, to instill a sense of freedom and variety of paint as a medium has to offer.

Tom “Gray Elk”: Dream Catchers- Ode To Heritage
Led by Eugenia Miller
Tom “Gray Elk” Rael creates three-dimensional Native American artwork which utilizes the “energetic gifts” of the birds and animals. Come explore the elements of art and principles of design, including rhythm, movement, and emphasis, in the creation of works of art. Students will create symbolic works of art to communicate ideas, thoughts, and express cultural emphasis.

Frank Fleming: Clay Creatures & Pinch Pots
Led by Melissa Nobel
Frank Fleming is an Alabama based artist known for his whimsical and highly detailed sculptures, often of animals. Using various clay sculpture techniques participants of this workshop will draw inspiration from his art in making their own clay animal creations. In addition, children will learn how to make a perfect pinch pots, use additive and reductive methods, and manipulate the clay surface with carving and impressions.

Alexander Calder: Magical Mobiles
Led by Lily Reeves
In this workshop participants will bend silhouettes out of wire to create either simple geometric shapes or line drawings of images. Inspired by  Alexander Calder participants will create a collaborative mobile with a whimsical folk twist by adding found objects to their wire forms.

Eileen M. Rose: A Round, The World: Creating a Collaborative Sand Mandala
Led by Julianna Richey
Inspired by the long term work of Eileen M. Rose participants will be guided through the creation of a collaborative sand mandala. Participants will be exposed to the historical origins of mandala construction as a practice for meditation. In this workshop participants will work on in a designated space for a set amount of time and then rotate to create a collaborative mandala with a focus of being in the moment and the principle of transience. At the end of the workshop participants will collaboratively wipe away the mandala to enforce this principle.

Rainer Maria Latzke: Murals & Surrealism
Led by Cherish Roodhouse
Rainer Maria Latzke is a renowned German artist and mural painter. In this workshop participants will select object and action words to inspire their own surrealist and Renaissance inspired landscape mural.

Jacqui Symons: A Study on Patterns & Paper
Led by Lily Shubert
This workshop will focus on patterns inspired by nature. Participants will draw a pattern inspired by their favorite plant or animal. Participants will then fold these in simple origami cranes or fishes and add their work to a collaborative origami piece.

Tetsumi Kudo: 3D Daydreams
Led by Cheyanne Smith
Much like Tesumi Kudo’s Thought Tornadoes, this workshop will be exploring the wonderful and sometimes chaotic creative process people go through when solving problems, be it in the studio or in the everyday. Participants will add to a collaborative sculpture stands as a celebration of this process. Using found and recycled materials to create their own ‘dream’ to add to the thought tornado.

Jackson Pollock: Drip, Drop, Splash!
Led by Lauren Strain
We will use paint to experiment with Pollack’s splashing techniques collectively and independently. Exploring the way we move to create different effects with paint, we will create a large mural together and watch how it evolves as each participant adds their own touch. We will also create individual paintings to take home or add to the mural. Come enjoy free and in the moment creativity in this workshop.

Brianna McCarthy: Who I Am: Paper Collage Portraits
Led by Aaliyah Taylor
Brianna McCarthy is a mixed media visual artist, who aims to create a new discourse examining issues of beauty, stereotypes, and representation. Her form of art takes shape through masking and performance art, fabric collage, traditional media, and installation pieces. In this workshop, the participants will visually communicate their identities utilizing the paper collage method. Their portraits will be displayed to spark important conversations on how our society views beauty, stereotypes, and representation– and to unveil how this new generation artistically see themselves.

Slow Moving Groove
Led by Sycamore Toffel
In this workshop, we will move our bodies with soul, and creative thinking to the sounds of nature and music.  

Keith Haring: Typography Patterns
Led by Mary Grace Tracy
This workshop will focus on creating a collaborative mural inspired by the works of Keith Haring. Participants will be exposed to a half finished mural of Haring’s style and add their own simplistic patterns in solid color forms.

Robert Rauschenberg: Multimedia Assemblage
Led by Alexa Turner
In this workshop participants will combine objects with expressive painting and collage work to create collaborative art from combining 3D and 2D elements. Using found and recycled objects participants will explore composition, texture, and assemblage.

Michael Levitt: Cardboard Kicks
Led by Hunter Vroonland
Come make the shoes you’ve always dreamed of, out of cardboard! In this workshop participants start with cardboard and move into the functionality of design from shapes to create shoes from cardboard.

Patrick Shearn: ROY-G-BIV Wave
Led by Robby Wise
Participants will be exploring a large kinetic community sculpture. Through the use of different materials we will blend colors to make a colorful wave in the park! Collaboration, color theory, and assemblage can be found in this workshop.

Art Restoration: Easy Does It
Led by Tonya Wise
In this workshop we will focus art restoration, the science of it, and why it’s important.  We will look at copies of works of art restored and participants will select a printout of their choice from the selected works. These printouts will be obscured, blurred, or missing portions of the original version of the work. Participants will then be prompted to use pastels and colored pencils and try to ‘restore’ the artwork.

Sonia Delaunay: Shapes & Sewing
Led by Bib & Tucker/Viola Ratcliffe
Participants will engage in the art of hand sewing while learning about French painter and textile designer Sonia Delaunay. In 1912, Sonia Delaunay along with her husband Robert, founded the art movement Ophism, which wedded bright colors and geometric form. Through Orphism Sonia Delaunay created vibrant abstract paintings and textiles.  During our workshop students will create a geometric and abstract quilt block, in the style of Orphism. We will use color symbolism for each participant to sew a visual description of how they see themselves and add it to other pieces to create a quilt.

Kyle Abraham: Dance yOUR Story
Led by The Dance Foundation/Rachael Inman
In this workshop we will explore where we come from and how our roots influence the way we see other people, circumstances, and the world around us. Participants will be encouraged and engaged to use their imaginations about the places their ancestors have come from.  The elements of Dance: time, space, and energy will be identified and used as we move towards creating a collective dance about places of origin. Inspired by American choreographer Kyle Abraham whose work “draws from his personal experiences; often exploring themes of adversity, emotion and the relationship between music and dance.” Each participant will have opportunities for creative input and self-expression.

Creative Partners (Sat. Sun.)

Alabama Environmental Council (AEC)
Alabama Environmental Council, formerly Alabama Conservancy, was established in 1967 before the first Earth Day, before the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, and before there was an Environmental Protection Agency.  We were the first environmental advocacy organization in the state! We have an admirable history that you may not be aware of.

Alabama Multicultural Organization (AMOR)
The acronym AMOR means “love” in spanish. Its vision is to engage people in embracing diversity and cultures through our unique ability to see opportunities in communities where we live, learn, and play so that we can have a better understanding of the beauty of life through arts, culture, and education.

Birmingham Children’s Theatre
Birmingham Children’s Theatre exists to educate, entertain and enrich the lives of children through the magic of professional theatre. One of the nation’s oldest and largest professional theatre companies for young audiences, BCT produces high-quality, professional theatrical entertainment and curriculum-relevant arts education experiences for children and families.

Birmingham Education Foundation
At Ed, Students are our first priority. We are driven by an urgency to help our students reach their potential and begin everyday with them in mind. We are only successful when our students are.  With that in mind, we are also driven by four main principals:

Birmingham Museum of Art
The mission of the Birmingham Museum of Art is to spark the creativity, imagination, and liveliness of Birmingham by connecting all its citizens to the experience, meaning, and joy of art.