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Imagine That Parades

Presented by:
Publix Super Markets Charities

2019 Project: Op-Art Movement in Mass


Victor Vasarely, Lango, 1972


Parade Leaders :  Deborah Mauldin & Clifford Mcpeek

Pattern is one of the most common adorations for everyday items, such as clothing, dinner ware, picture frames, and more. The practice of creating patterns crosses many cultures and has been documented in some of the oldest artifacts, from pots found at the site of Uruk to Egypt, to the Great Wall of China, and today they can be seen as architectural facades of buildings downtown. The Op-Art movement takes this common, historic practice and revitalizes it to give it its own voice outside of decoration, Op-Art makes pattern a focal-point.  

Parade leaves from the Backyard Production Stage:
Friday – 10:30am, 11:15am, 12:00pm

If you have a group of kids who would like to join in the parade with their own project, we welcome it!